My Archives: A year after Katrina

At 7:00 a.m., the phone rang. It was Tracy. She was calling from her summer home in Carriere, Mississippi, on the edge of Picayune. “It’s a Cat 5,” she said. I sat up in bed. “WHAT??? Since when,”, I asked. “I don’t know, she hit a hot spot and flared up overnight. What are you going to do?” I woke Eddie up, saying “It’s a Cat 5, Ed. Wake up. We can’t stay!”

The Daughters of Seafarers and Fishermen

My heart was cracked open many times, but left only the shadow of a scar as it healed. I felt sorrow that could break a soul in two, but grabbed on to hope until the day of healing came. I have left behind me the men who tried to change me to suit their needs, and have settled down with a man who loves who I am. Through it all, I knew that my family was there, allowing me to fall, but ready to pick me up if I needed them.