On The Rim of the Universe

I sit on the rim of the universe

I feed on the fear of the fall

I sit on the far end of what you would want

Unable to wade through it all

I sit in a dream refusing to wake

I sit on your list, but I’m last

I wish that I’d run to you, babe, when I could,

But wishes don’t work on the past.

I sit on the rim of the universe

I dangle my feet in a dance

I know that it’s I who directed my steps

But pretend it was all left to chance

There’s little in life that I’ll ever regret,

Not many things left that I fear

Yet these words must fly before you and I

Forget what we wanted to hear.

I sit on the rim of the universe

My heart bleeding onto the page

But youth doesn’t wait for reunions, you see

And love gets misplaced as we age

Once in my life, fate gave you to me

Then stole you, my one and my only

No need to repent: people came, people went

And neither of us would be lonely

So I sit on the rim of the universe,

Another name etched on my heart

As you share the fire with your heart’s desire

We’re miles and three decades apart

A star in a constellation

Stands out in the clear autumn skies

My words ricochet off of it down to you:

“It’s true that true love never dies.”

© 2009 rhonda lee richoux

Published by Rhonda Lee Richoux

I am retired from the public school system. I create magic wands and spells, write mediocre poetry and the occasional freelance magazine article; research local history and family genealogy; I’m an activist and keep in touch with friends, family and archenemies on Facebook, Twitter, What’s App and Word Press. I'm a Fiipina-Cajun troublemaker and trickster. I'm feeling as invincible as Keith Richards these days. Fuck is my favorite word.

5 thoughts on “On The Rim of the Universe

  1. I really enjoy the opening line and especially some of the visual images that fill my mind while reading.

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