I tread a mossy forest path

in quiet study, musing.

‘Was nothing of my trip that day

disturbing or confusing,

when suddenly a foe sprung forth,

a part of me forbidden.

She jumped atop my tossled mop,

no longer safely hidden.


“What business here?” I asked with fear,

“Why give me aggravation?”

“It’s time,” she said, “to clear your head

of vile self-adulation!”

“Oh, please,” said I, “you surely lie!”

Her eyebrow raised just slightly.

“I’m fat!” said she, “Just look at me,

no longer slim and spritely!”


My portly Ego did a spin,

exposing thighs and belly.

“My word!” I thought, “What have I wrought?”

(She jiggled quite like jelly!)

“You thought yourself above reproach,

so humble and angelic;

but Pride made noise with naughty toys

and raised this lazy relic!”


“What sort of toys would make a din

so loud it woke your slumber?”

“Your words,” she said, “disturbed my bed

and fed the fire like lumber.”

“I beg of you, what must I do?”

I asked with bated breath.

“You must decide,” my Ego sighed,

“to send Pride to her death.”


Pride would not die with humble pie,

She would not die with violence.

The only tool that killed the fool

was utter, deafening silence.

My Ego slid beneath my lid,

her ghostly figure hidden.

But negligence in written word

can stir up things forbidden!


Copyright 2006 Rhonda Lee Richoux

Published by Rhonda Lee Richoux

I am retired from the public school system. I create magic wands and spells, write mediocre poetry and the occasional freelance magazine article; research local history and family genealogy; I’m an activist and keep in touch with friends, family and archenemies on Facebook, Twitter, What’s App and Word Press. I'm a Fiipina-Cajun troublemaker and trickster. I'm feeling as invincible as Keith Richards these days. Fuck is my favorite word.

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