The Lion and the Mouse



You thought me weak, you thought me small,

Not a worthy meal, at all.

Laughing off my faithful vow

You sent me off with furrowed brow.



How can such a creature be

Of any use to one like me?

Such a fool to think so big,

With bones less sturdy than a twig



What’s this I hear? I know that sound.

Alas! My friend tied to the ground!

With fervent speed I’ll chew the rope

(As eyes look up renewed by hope.)



My friend, I ask that you forgive

My thoughts the day I let you live.

Your strength within your spirit lies.

Here stands a giant in my eyes!


And the moral is:

Don’t pick on the little guy. He’s probably smarter than you and will save your ass one day.


Rhonda Lee Richoux 2006


Published by Rhonda Lee Richoux

I am retired from the public school system. I create magic wands and spells, write mediocre poetry and the occasional freelance magazine article; research local history and family genealogy; I’m an activist and keep in touch with friends, family and archenemies on Facebook, Twitter, What’s App and Word Press. I'm a Fiipina-Cajun troublemaker and trickster. I'm feeling as invincible as Keith Richards these days. Fuck is my favorite word.

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